For 2008 Ford is introducing a new capless fuel filling system dubbed Direct Fill System (DFS) on the Explorer and Mariner SUVs. At some point we've all been in a rush and driven away from a gas station having forgotten to screw the gas cap back on. People with arthritic hands also often have a difficult time screwing and unscrewing gas caps securely.

While this is certainly an annoyance especially when the cap is left hanging and banging against the paint on the side of your car, it also leads to evaporation loss of your fuel. The DFS system automatically seals the filler neck when you remove the nozzle and swivels out of the way when you insert it greatly reducing evaporative emissions during fueling. The DFS system will be rolled out to all Ford Motor Company vehicles over the next couple of years. There's a short demonstration video after the jump.

[Source: Ford]

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