Top Ten greener driving T-shirts (and a baby onesie)

Sometimes cruising around in a smart or a Prius (or a BMW Hydrogen 7, if you're Brad Pitt) just isn't enough of a "green statement." Or perhaps you'll be going to a crowded place where people won't see your sweet, hypermiling PHEV. This is where a fine T-shirt - possibly snooty, possibly funny - promoting your green car attitude comes in handy.

T-shirts are a ridiculously popular to make a statement without saying a darn thing. There's no question these shirts present a hyper-distilled point of view with not a lot of room for ambivalence, but they're also kind of fun. So, without further ado, let's check out ten shirts (and a onesie) that I'll bet some of you have at least one of in your closet.

First, the baby onesie, as seen above. Not only can you now use your baby as a conversation piece with this article of clothing, you'll be doing in in some organic cotton and paying $24 for the privilege. The design is by San Francisco-based company Little Green Star, and co-founder Victoria tells AutoblogGreen that this is one of their best sellers

All right, there are ten more designs after the jump (including one or two that might possibly offend). If you've got your own faves, add 'em in the comments. Got a homemade shirt that just rocks the house? Contact us and I'll see about adding it to the list.
If you're keen on engaging folks in discussion about biodiesel, this is the shirt for you. And, there are a few different designs and they're all printed on American Apparel sweatshop-free t-shirts. . $20.

The text on this shirt reads: "DRIVE THRU...AND THRU, AND THRU, AND THRU... Biodiesel is made from any recycled COOKING GREASE - like the oil used to make french fries. It can power trucks, heavy equipment, whatever. Get it? Any diesel engine can run on the stuff. Renewable fuels can directly reduce our messed up dependence on imported oil. Biodiesel is a key to turning things around. Fries are a national treasure. Remember that." If that's not enough for you, the seller claims it's also made of 100% organic cotton and is sweatshop free. $30

The most subtle of all the shirts on the list, here's how some people feel about gassing up. It's not pretty. $19

For our friends in the UK, here's a simple biodiesel shirt for £9.36 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5 percent). At the very least, there's no war required right now. We'll see how things are in 50 years.

It's a little hard to read, but under the bicycle with five people on it, this shirt read "Real SUV." $15

The Sierra Club was selling the "I Will Evolve" shirts for $13.99, but they are currently sold out. Still, gotta love the feet on the car, which implies some sort of upcoming automobile/human hybrid. This shirt is my personal favorite.

There are quite a few ways the "One Less Car" message has been emblazoned on T-shirts. This design, screenprinted on a fair trade, American-made T-shirt will set you back $12.00.
A similar shirt which espouses all forms of alternative transportation, not just bikes, is available as a fundraiser for the Maryland One Less Car organization.

WashCycle, a Washington, D.C.-area bicycle advocacy group, offers these city-centric message shirts in different colors, in short and long sleeves, for men and women. $9.90-$21.90.

Don't think too much commentary is needed for this one. $20.

There are also way too many sites where you can design your own T-shirts (or buy one someone else has uploaded). That's the case with this $19.95 number, featuring an ad for "The Modern Electric," an old Milburn electric car. Keep it old school.

Finally, a disclaimer: I haven't ordered from any of these companies, I don't own any of these shirts nor do I have any financial interest in the companies. OK, glad that's out of the way. It means we can move on to the overplayed but still absolute best way to fold a t-shirt, courtesy of Japan.

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