The relentless pursuit of hybrid perfection ... a Lexus Prius?

Most anybody with a bit of automotive knowledge is aware that Lexus is owned by Toyota, and that they have a history of taking vehicles designed as Toyotas and adding technology and content to the platform in an effort to raise the status (and price) of the original platform. This way, Toyota is able to stretch some of the money that goes into creating a vehicle's underpinnings by recycling them and offering them at a higher price at another dealership. Other automakers do the same thing, but Lexus really sets the standard that the others are judged by differentiating their vehicles better (*cough*... Mercury, Lincoln... *cough*) and fostering brand loyalty by offering a better ownership experience and reliability (haaaa-Cadillac-a-chew!) than the vehicles they were originally based on.

That said, is Lexus ready to offer a version of the next generation Toyota Prius? Some sources are suggesting just that. Currently, Lexus offers hybrid versions of some of their existing platforms and focuses on the additional performance that the drivetrain can offer while not decreasing fuel economy. What might they do with the Prius as a starting point? Inquiring minds want to know...

[Source: Autoblog]

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