Here's a peek into what makes this whole share-everything/Web 2.0 thing pretty cool: we can ride along with one guy, somewhere in Seattle (username davem5321 on YouTube), who is cranking out 1000+ miles from one tank of gas in his Prius. Granted, it's a modified plug-in Prius, but you can tell he's getting serious about his hypermiling, not only using the Prius' built in record-keeping, but also a hand-held GPS unit to keep track of his travels. In fact, davem5321 has been obsessively posting videos pretty regularly about his life with his PHEV Prius. I've added all his current videos, about 15 minutes worth total, in order after the break (note how he even gets a lightweight extension cord to keep weight down!) and you can keep an eye on future reports from him on his YouTube channel.

[Source: YouTube, h/t to Linton]

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