Civilian Espionage! 2009 Challenger caught with cameraphone

Hot on the heels of Brenda Priddy & Co's new shot of the Challenger comes this great profile shot of a different mule taken by member "98Formula" at the forums. What's so encouraging here is just how faithful the overall shape of the car is to the concept. The retro profile is completely intact, and those sizeable wheels and tires look just right. According to the photographer, this car was snagged on 1-75 in Auburn Hills, MI. He said it sounded good, as its driver would give it throttle every so often, goosing the HEMI underhood. The cladding obscures everything aft of the doorline, so whether or not the production car keeps the show car's pillarless look remains a mystery. We sure hope it does, but the preproduction shells that made the web rounds back in April suggest that could possibly not be that case. That all said, this thing's looking pretty good so far. Expect plenty more sightings, as we now know there are at least two running around in the wild.

Great tip, Jim!


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