Not just an issue for the Big 3- Imports and CAFE

If you think that the Detroit 3 are the only ones worried about the new CAFE standards, think again. As it turns out, Honda and Toyota execs are supporting a fuel economy bill, but not all parts of the ones proposed. In fact, it almost seems as though they don't want to see their American competition die a legislative death, as Ed Cohen, VP of Government and Industry Relations for Honda North America, said, "I wouldn't count out anybody yet." Since the Detroit 3 employ so many Americans, perhaps that means there would be less consumers out there able to afford Hondas or Toyotas if they lose their jobs.

In any case, don't write off our downtrodden domestics yet, don't expect the imports to act too self-important in the CAFE discussions, and there's still the chance that the big oil burning Bush will still veto the big burning bill when it passes his desk. I know I'll be waiting on the edge of my recliner. But wait - Scrubs is on!

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[Source: Automotive News]

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