New, cleaner cars have saved five million ton of CO2 over the last decade

It's not all bad, after all. Yes, global warming is getting noticeably worse (dunno if it's related, but I've been caught twice in the last two days with my windows and sunroof open when random torrential downpours came out of nowhere... I hate Chicago). Yes, there are more and more cars on roads worldwide every day that pollute the earth. Yes, the feds are making demands of fuel efficiency that some automakers may not be able to meet, with dire consequences. But actually, in the last ten years, cars have only become cleaner. In fact, according to the SMMT Annual CO2 Report, we've saved an increasing amount of carbon emissions each year, and the cumulative savings broke over five million tons last year. With vehicles getting LEV, ULEV and SULEV emissions ratings these days, it really shouldn't be that surprising, but it's just nice to have some good news once in a while.

[Source: SMMT ]

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