VW poised to sell 200k units in Russia

Volkswagen is yet another car company that sees vast potential in Russia, due in part to the large quantity of low-cost automotive suppliers in the region. The automaker is targeting sales of 200,000 units per year from the home of Ivan the Terrible by 2009 or 2010, up from about 50,000 this year. VW has has put its money where its plans are, too, with a new plant in Kaluga, which sits between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The facility will eventually produce 150,000 vehicles per year, starting with the Skoda Octavia in October, followed by the Jetta and a Polo-like vehicle.

It's interesting that VW is having so much success in Europe and in emerging markets like Russia and China, yet the Wolfsburg-based company is still looking to make a similar impact in the US.

[Source: Automotive News (Subscription req'd)]

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