Treehugger discovers the Microcab (and so do we)

There are some alternative fuel vehicles that slip under our radar. When they're as tiny as the Microcab, at least I can make up an excuse about how I just didn't see it there. Thankfully, Treehugger points us to the Microcab today, and we're glad to know about it.
Well, actually, the Microcab is kind of tall. This is described as a safety feature for this urban rover, an ultra light, low speed (30 mph max) vehicle powered by electric drive system with hydrogen fuel. A full tank will move the little cockpit about 100 miles, and it drives like a scooter (it has handlebars and lever controls).

While this vehicle is just a concept at this point, some have been built and tested. As Treehugger points out, a Microcab took part in the Brighton to London revolve event earlier this month. The people behind the Microcar don't pay a lot of attention to their website, though. Either the web designer has quietly left the building, or they're so busy building the car they don't have time to update the site. Currently, the calendar page is announcing "forthcoming" events on May 7th, 2005.

[Source: Microcab via Treehugger]

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