Are there additional Cadillac hybrid models coming?

Here is another one of those posts where we extract a single comment from a long interview and obsess over it... you know the type. The interview was conducted by The Detroit News (we nabbed it from Autoblog), and the individual being interviewed is John Howell, from Cadillac. John would know about Cadillac's future plans, as he is the head of products at the GM division. He was quoted as saying, "Pretty much every program I am looking at going forward has got a hybrid as part of it."

That does not mean that we can expect to see a snarling new 7.0 liter V8 CTS-V-H with a two mode hybrid, although it sure would be cool! But, we might see a more pedestrian CTS with a hybrid option. As a rear wheel drive platform, the CTS or the STS could focus on hybrid performance, à la Lexus. If we hear any more details, you can count on us to share 'em.

UPDATE: Our old friend Joel points us to this.

[Source: The Detroit News via Autoblog]

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