2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Other Stuff

We've shown you a lot of the vehicles that were at the track during the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week. Our hope was to help you experience the event for yourself, in case you missed it. While there have been tons of posts and pics along the way, we barely scratched the surface of what a visitor can see and do while at the FoS. It's one of the greatest automotive events we've ever attended. Part concours, part auction, part motor show, and part hillclimb, it's like taking the Monterey week and squishing it onto one estate. We've really had a great time and would like to thank everybody who made it possible. You know who you are. We have had the opportunity to see some of our favorite cars, old and new, gathered together for us, and in many cases, driven like they were intended. Cars from the earliest days of motoring all the way up to our modern F1 cars, and just about everything in between. This will serve as our final wrapup post on Goodwood. Attached is a huge gallery of the random sightings and so-far-unmentioned vehicles that made the week so special.

In the gallery you'll see wheel-standing drag racers, rally cars, Wacky Racers, and Pike's Peak hillclimb cars. There's also a sampling of some of the cars that ran up the hill at night for the VIP ball. You'll also see a bunch of display vehicles and new cars that we don't usually see in the States. There's a few shots of people dealing with the torrential rain, including one family who finally waved the surrender flag and packed it in. Also, a couple of shots of the vehicles as they looked leaving the car park and a few shots of London in general. It's been a magical week of cars and stars, of sights and sounds, with a certain charm and elegance we haven't experienced before. A real dream come true. Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

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