You too can pimp your Audi like a footballer

Audi has decided that its consumers are best suited to customize the exterior and interior design scheme of their rides, so the four-ringed crew is launching a new personalization program dubbed "Exclusive." The plan is to give new Audi buyers the option of making bespoke themes for any model in the automaker's lineup, with an almost endless palette of 30,000 colors to choose from.

The choices of hue extend from the exterior to the interior, with carpets, mats, headliner and even seatbelts that can be tied into the rest of the car's design makeup.

The launch of "Exclusive" is likely to produce some rather compelling combinations, but for every design-conscious architect that buys an Audi, there's got to be a real estate agent who's determined to match the paisley curtains in her office. Things could get ugly quickly, and according to the AutoExpress, the first one-off TT came in a retina-scorching pink. Let the triumph of bad taste begin.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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