Nissan GT-R spied at Goodwood

Although Toyota was the featured marque at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to our man on the ground, a series of Nissan ads kept popping up on the jumbotrons. The idea that the new GT-R would make its way up the hill was joked about between Frank and his cohorts, but shortly thereafter, a partially disguised gray coupe darted up the tarmac.

According to Frank, the GT-R had a distinctly muscular sound about it, even with the slight muffling provided by the turbos. The camo, concealing both the front fascia and rear end, was particularly thin, allowing observers to imagine the finished product.

We'll be on hand in Tokyo when the next generation GT-R is unveiled, but in the meantime, check out the pictures in the gallery below and follow this link to see a larger static shot that gives a great view of the GT-R's seven spoke rolling stock.

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