Oh boy, is the Association of British Drivers is not going to be happy.

As part of European Mobility Week (coming September 16th to the 22nd later this year, the highlight of which is a car free day), the organizers have released a video (above) featuring lots of adorable, English-speaking youngsters explaining why cars are bad (they can crash into us, they pollute the air) and what transportation alternatives there are. These alternatives range from the obvious (subway and bus) to the old-fashioned (one girl says she wants to ride a horse to school). These future AutoblogGreen readers even talk up EVs. As one boy says, "I would like to invent an electric car with not just two seats." Kid, by the time you're old enough to drive, you'll wonder how anyone ever used anything but electric cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. Still, I'm looking forward to your creations.

[Source: YouTube, h/t to Linton]

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