Chevrolet facelifts the Matiz mini-car

When General Motors took over a controlling interest in South Korea's Daewoo Motors a few years ago, one of the vehicles they inherited was the tiny Matiz. Prior to the buyout, Daewoo had begun selling their vehicles in the European market but GM decided to rebrand the Daewoos as Chevrolets in Europe and other markets outside of Korea.

For 2008, the Matiz is getting a facelift, mostly in the front and back that includes lower fascias done in matte black that helps to visually lower the car. The dimensions haven't changed, but the new scheme makes the Matiz look slightly less tall and narrow than it is. Around the end of the decade the Matiz will get replaced a newly designed car based on the platform used for the Chevy triplets at the New York Auto Show in April. Now that it looks like new fuel economy regulations will be coming our way, it seems likely that the US market will see at least one car based on one of the triplet designs.

[Source: General Motors]
* Refreshed Matiz includes new exterior and interior styling features in MY 2008

The Chevrolet Matiz has been among the most attractive and best-selling city cars on the European car market since its introduction in 2005. The exterior changes for MY 2008 will give the Matiz a fresh, sporty and more modern look. All modifications will be available for the SX and SE models.

The exterior changes are most noticeable at the front end. The new two-tone bumper (black and body color) integrates the air intake in a sporty, more aggressive fashion, compared to the current design. The upper part of the bumper, which is noticeably larger, includes the Chevrolet logo. The lower part features a honeycomb design and extends into the black area where the number plate is mounted.

The theme is continued by black rails that run across the doors and the entire side of the vehicle. The sharp edges of the rear bumper take up the design and the lower black portion of the bumper complements the sporty character of the new Matiz.

The three-tone interior will be available for all Matiz models. The small Chevrolet can now also be ordered with orange, green and blue interior trims. While the current trim is only available in grey with colored patterns, the new interior offers colorful fabrics with grey patterns, giving the car a fresh and young look.

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