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Automakers finding their greener side in new fuel economy ads

Gas prices may be dipping downward again, but with the Senate's CAFE debate last week and further MPG standards news ahead, automakers in American have realized the time is right to give a vehicle's MPG numbers top billing in their advertisements. Automotive News (subs req'd) breaks it down.
Of course, car companies have used good mileage numbers in their ads for a long time. The difference now is that there is a focus to rebrand each company as the fuel sipper's choice, even if that goes against decades of earlier advertising. Take this quote from Toby Barlow, co-president and executive creative director at JWT Team Detroit, Ford's advertising agency: "We need to go up against people's perception of our vehicle line. With Ford, the first thing people bring up is the F-150 and Mustang." I wonder why that is?

I recommend reading the whole article if you've got your AN subscription. If not, here's the short version of how various automakers are headling their fuel-economy advertising.
  • Chevrolet: "8 models that offer 30 mpg hwy or better. Check out the Chevy lineup now."
  • Honda: "The most fuel-efficient auto company in America."
  • Ford: "Yeah, we're a bunch of thirty-somethings."
  • Toyota: "Outsmart gas prices. The 30 mpg-rated RAV4."
  • Jeep: "Go nearly 450 miles between fill-ups."
It's nice to see the car companies react in a positive way to pressure to increase MPG on their cars. Imagine what they could sell if they made a 40 mpg F-150...

[Source: Mary Connelly / Automotive News]

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