Yes, I know there's going to be a lot of skeptics of "water powered cars" out there - and I'm partially one of them - but they are people out there who are going to attempt to remedy that in the next few months with a more controlled experiment. Mark Joyner is one of them.

The ten-minute video above is pretty self-explanatory, except for exactly who Mark Joyner is. He is apparently a well-accomplished marketer who has written at least one best-seller on the subject, and according to his website, is the personal savior of a good handful of people out there who have used his advice and made 'a whole heap.' According to his blog, he seems to be pretty interested in the environment and in saving it, with an emphasis on alternative fuels for transportation. He seems a little naive comparing the hydrogen-powered toy car experiment kit to reality, but his heart seems to be in the right place.

As for the fuel tested in the video, it seems as though it legitimately works. However, I hope in the controlled test here in the States, they measure emissions and efficiency. Whatever the metals are that are being mixed, I doubt are good for the environment, even if they're in the minority of the mixture. And how much cheaper can these metals be than regular fuel, especially since you have to mix real oil of some sort with it? I suppose we'll find out soon.

[Source: Mark Joyner via YouTube - Thanks for the tip, Linton!]

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