Given the high price of gas in the UK (around 1 pound a liter, which translates into roughly $7.50 US a gallon) and the different tax bands which depend on CO2 emissions, UK car buyers are aquiring cars that get greater mileage. The sales figures from last year showed 60.7 percent of new cars fell within the cleanest bands A-D (under 165 g/km) compared with just 43.1 percent in 2000. British customers are not only choosing cleaner models because of the cost of gas, but also because of ecological concerns.

Premium brands (such as Jaguar) are also manufacturing cleaner engines, which are claimed to reduce the global CO2 emissions from new cars. A recent poll showed that 13 percent of Britons rated low emissions as a determinant factors to balance when purchasing a new car.

Among the known British marques, Mini has reduced CO2 emissions 16 percent (and getting a 19 percent better mileage) with the latest iteration of the model.
Rover Freelander2 gasoline engines improved a 10 percent on fuel consumption and emissions over the model it replaced, while a new range of fuel-efficient diesel models has helped Jaguar cut average tailpipe CO2 by 31.5 per cent since 1997.

[Source: Motortrader]

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