ZAP! vehicles on display at International Environmental Conference in China

Zap! is currently parading its current models up and down the runway in China. This is somewhat convenient, as all of them (cars, trucks, ATVs, scooters, etc.) are built there. The China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference ( CEIPEC) is organized and sponsored by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry ( CAEPI), and it is 30,000 square meters of exhibits from over 200 international companies from 22 countries. So, yeah, that's pretty good publicity for Zap!.

It's more than just publicity, however. China is the fastest-growing car market in the world, passenger car sales alone increasing about 25 percent each year. There were only four million cars in China in 2000, but last year, there were 20 million. This has caused an extreme rise in emissions in the country (which of course affects the whole Earth) which have been blamed for many diseases and premature deaths. China has sixteen of the twenty most polluted cities in the world. Electric cars, of course, have no tailpipe emissions. Now is the time to get in on the Chinese market - at its booming growth level when it can do the most good. Some of Zap!s cars seem just strange enough to be successful in those bustling Chinese metropolises.

[Source: Zap!]

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