Badass, Optimized: Edo Competion's Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

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The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is a rolling monument to automotive badassedness. It's as if the Italians captured the mojos of Darth Vader, John Shaft, Jules from Pulp Fiction, Chow Yun Fat, Snake Plissken, Lawrence Taylor, Boba Fett and Dirty Harry Callahan and somehow turned them into a car.

Edo Competition found a way to make it better badder.

Calvin's editorial commentThink of it as adding a little Lee Van Cleef to the mixture, coaxing out an additional 23 horses for a grand total of 663. Zero to 60 mph runs should should take 3.4 seconds or less, and the Lambo tops out at 216 mph. The boost comes as a result of a reprogrammed ECU, high-flow air filters, performance cats, a new muffler with a stainless tip, and an exhaust butterfly valve that can be controlled remotely by the driver. The Murci's menacing bodywork is left largely undisturbed, save for a new rear wing with an adjustable lip on its trailing edge. Perhaps the best modification is the simplest: a Calvin sticker, shown at right, that communicates how the car's owner feels about the raging bull's competition from Maranello. And you thought those things only came in Ford and Chevy versions...

[Source: Edo Competition]

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