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Biodiesel-supporting governor of Montana vetoed biodiesel tax credit bill, but all is not lost

Why did Gov. Schweitzer (D), a long-time supporter of biodiesel, veto a bill designed to give biodiesel users a $500 tax credit? According to Biodiesel Magazine, "Schweitzer said the bill's estimated $3 million economic impact was simply too much to approve without final numbers in place." The veto came back in May and, because it hadn't passed with a two-thirds majority in the first place, a veto override was unlikely.

Still, biodiesel advocates in Big Sky country might take solace in that U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D) said the compromise energy bill passed this week Thursday will bring help to the state's farmers because it calls for more biofuels. Tester's amendment in said bill, which he inserted at Schweitzer's request, did not survive into the final bill. Biodiesel folks will likely cheer this, too, since the amendment called for $200 million in grants for new coal-to-liquid fuel plants.

[Source: Biodiesel Magazine, Great Falls Tribune]

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