Driving a manual shift automobile is a bit like riding a bike in that most people only have to learn once. For two young men, learning how to drive a car the old-fashioned way never happened at all. As a result, when they tried to carjack a ride with a manual tranny, they didn't know what to do with the mysterious third pedal or the wiggly stick. When faced with this situation, most people would throw in the towel and find a victim with an automatic, but the mother of 18 year-old Joshua Johnson didn't raise a quitter. Johnson and his juvenile cohort tried in vain for several minutes to start the car before deciding to run. By then, however, the police were within arm's reach, and the two boneheads were caught. Since a firearm was involved in the crime, Johnson is facing a lengthy stay behind bars. We don't think they have driver's training in most jails, so that lesson will have to wait a long time.

[Source: 11 Live]

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