Chrysler Executive VP Frank Klegon on new powertrain plans

During the What's New for 2008 preview that Chrysler held at their proving ground yesterday, Executive Vice-President Frank Klegon provided some hints about the company's powertrain plans for the next few years. We've already heard about the two new and one re-tooled engine plants that will be building Chrysler's lineup of Phoenix V6 engines.
The new engines will replace the current units in 2009 and will be built with aluminum cylinder blocks, dual variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation to allow them to run on three cylinders under light load conditions. They'll also get six to eight percent better mileage than the current sixes. Fuel economy will be further improved by matching the engines up with the new dual clutch gearboxes that Chrysler and Getrag will be building in Indiana. Klegon also provided information on upgrades to the rest of the gas engine lineup, new diesel engines and hybrids. You can read all the rest of the details over at AutoblogGreen.

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