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Rendered Speculation: 2009 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ

The Fusion could aptly be described as a hit for Ford Motor Company. It sold 66,260 units through May of this year, which is a 15.4% increase compared to last year and not an easy accomplishment in this particular buyers' market. Consider, however, that the Fusion shares a platform and many parts with the Lincoln MKZ and Mercury Milan. Taken together the trio of mid-size family sedans constitutes a big hit for Ford. Some time in the next few years all three cars will be given an MCE, or mid-cycle enhancement, at which point we'll see updates to their exteriors and interiors, as well as some new powertrain choices (we hope).

Through the grape vine of the interweb we found these renderings on a Mexican autos news site called This happens to be an appropriate place for these renderings to surface because all three cars are built at Ford's assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. In fact, this site may have had some insider info to work with when creating them. Above we see what the artist believes the Fusion will look like after its MCE. The look is familiar, but clearly suggests the Fusion will gain upturned headlights like those found on the Edge CUV. The site also claims the lower grille will be honeycomb and the car will receive larger wheels and a tweaked rear end with a chrome accent bar.

Thanks for the tip, Igor! More after the jump.

[Source: via GMInsideNews]

You'll also find a rendering of the updated Lincoln MKZ that shows what the car will look like with the brand's new split-winged grille that debuted on the MKR Concept at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Unfortunately, the rear end still carries those awful taillamps that occupy too much surface area.

Click the Read link to view renderings from additional angles, as well as unrevealing rear shot of the Mercury Milan, as well.

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