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Next Focus getting Iosis-treatment? Maybe in Europe.

If Martin Smith – the designer of the new Mondeo and S-Max – has his way, the next Ford Focus in Europe will be drawing heavily from the styling of its upmarket siblings.
While we're stuck with the new Focus coupe that was unveiled earlier this year, European consumers will be getting a thoroughly reworked version of Ford's compact sedan. In addition to the Iosis-inspired sheetmetal, those lucky blokes across the pond will also benefit from a freshly styled interior, complete with a cabin control system inspired by the Human Machine Interface in the Mondeo.

If AutoExpress' crystal ball is to be believed, the new Focus may debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, with sales likely to begin sometime in 2008. If this particular five-door does become available, the hue and cry from those of us in the States will be heard yet again, and summarily dismissed by FoMoCo execs.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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