Live from Chrysler's Chelsea Proving Grounds: The 2008 model lineup

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It isn't just any day when you get to drive dozens of different vehicles that aren't even on sale yet. Chrysler made today just such a day at its Chelsea, MI proving grounds, as the Pentastar rolled out its entire 2008 lineup for automotive journalists to inspect and drive. We were able to drive everything except the 600-hp Viper for 2008 and the new Dodge and Chrysler minivans, which was a bit of a downer, but not nearly enough to spoil an otherwise fun day.

The driving route lined up for us included artificial road hazards, hairpin turns, and a few straightaways that demonstrated just how impressive the 6.1L Hemi SRT engine really is. Other than the aforementioned Viper and minivans, Chrysler left the keys in literally everything else, from the SRT 300C to the Sprinter van and Ram 3500 flat-bed. AutoblogGreen was also on hand to drive Chrysler's new two-mode hybrid system equipped with a Hemi engine in the Aspen SUV, and we'll tell you just how that went as soon as the embargoes are lifted (or as soon as someone else opens the floodgates.)

One of the most popular events of the day was an off-road course where we could see just how capable the Jeep lineup really is. Even the JT concept was on-hand for the rough housing, and the end result was some very dirty metal and a few dinged-up quarter-panels.

We'll be bringing you more posts from this event throughout the day today and tomorrow, but for now you can check out some high-res pics in the gallery below.

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