Volvo XC60 first in line for production

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Volvo is keen to expand its range with several radically styled all-new models, the first of which is likely to be a production version of the XC60 crossover. Displayed in concept form at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, the XC60 is a departure from Volvo's traditional boxy approach and there's a good chance that these same lines will carry over to the production car. One thing we're pretty sure of though is that the production car's interior won't be anywhere near as cool as the one in concept's cockpit.

We won't be seeing the car launch at any of the major car shows this year, as Volvo is said to be focusing on its environmental concepts, such as a rumored diesel-hybrid, so next year's Detroit show is probably the best bet.

Next in line will be the S60 sedan, but according to a Volvo spokesman, the primary attention of developers was centered on getting the XC60 out. This is because the Swede brand has no genuine rival for cars like the BMW X3 or upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan, and this is said to have delayed development work for the next S60 sedan, which now won't be hitting the market until the end of next year.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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