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Volvo S80, Scion xB score 'good' on IIHS crash tests

"Good" is such a broad term. When we go looking at crash test data, "good" is not the word that grabs us by the earlobes and says "Hey! I'll save your tail!" "Good" indicates a level of competence perhaps elevated from average levels of acheivement, but the word doesn't connote stellar performance upon first glance. When you realize that "good" is where the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) ratings top out, the word has more gravity when shopping for a safe vehicle.

Today, the IIHS announced the two newest members of the "good" club. The Volvo S80, now in its second generation and based off the EUCD platform that will soon be ushering the P2's out the door entirely, has scored a good rating for frontal collisions. Another vehicle entering its second generation, the Scion xB, has also managed to rack up a green box on the test.

Both models' predecessors also earned "good" scores on the IIHS frontal collision test. The S80 hasn't been tested for side impacts by the Institute, but we'd safely bet on Volvo's mature SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) technology to keep us intact. The xB on the other hand, received a "Poor" score in its previous guise, and the new model hasn't been tested yet. The IIHS data, when combined with the Euro NCAP results and NHTSA results, provide a pretty complete picture of how all-around safe a car is, and good scores with the IIHS usually translate to safer ratings with the other agencies, as well.

[Source: IIHS]

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