Ferrari and hot rodders not so different

It's not so easy to say Ferrari owners are kindred spirits to hot rodders. The stereotypical Ferrari owner enjoys speed, luxury and refinement, while the stereotypical hot rodder prides himself on do-it-yourself ingenuity, raw muscle and sometimes cobbled-together bodywork. But Ryan Cochran at Jalopy Journal manages to bring the two sides together as car people, arguing Enzo Ferrari was, at heart, a hot rodder.

To illustrate his points Ryan shot a series of beautiful black and white photos of a Ferrari 550 Maranello, an Olds-powered, flat-black '36 Ford Coupe and a flathead '30 Deuce, also in primer black. The differences in the three cars are as stark as the old Austin airport in the background. It takes Ryan's uniting of Ferrari and hot rodding history to really make the photos work, but they do.

An interesting read for fans of both modern and antique hot rods.

[Source: Jalopy Journal]

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