Australia: TRD Aurion engine exceeds performance targets

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It's no secret that in Australia, the cars seem to, well, rock. You've got the Holden Commodores, the Ford Falcons, the rodded-up stuff from HSV and FPV, a dizzying selection of Utes, and a fair amount of imported goodies from Europe and Japan. While we make do with the utterly blandtacular Toyota Camry, our Aussie friends get not only the Camry, but the locally-built Aurion. We reviewed an Aurion Sportivo SX6 back in April, and determined it to be a "great Camry" with demonstrably better looks at the end of the day. Something better's on the way, however.

TRD unveiled its forthcoming version of the car at the Melbourne show back in March, and this week announced that the performance of the engine it's developed for the TRD Aurion has exceeded the targets set for it. The 3.5L V6 gets force-fed via Eaton's new twin-vortices supercharger, which makes its production vehicle debut in this application. TRD's Australian arm hasn't released hard numbers yet, but indicates that the engine's planned output of 235 kW / 320 HP is among the specs that have been exceeded. Acceleration times are also likely to be better than expected, and it's all wrapped in the sweet-looking package shown above. Naturally, we'll never see it here. Sigh...

[Source: Toyota Australia]
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The supercharged V6 engine in the upcoming TRD Aurion has exceeded its performance targets, according to TRD chief engineer Stephen Castles.

Mr Castles said this included the power output target of at least 235kW for the supercharged 3.5-litre dual VVT-i V6 engine.

He said final acceleration times are even better than predicted when development began two years ago.

The TRD Aurion will be the first production car in the world to use the new Eaton twin-vortices supercharger (TVS) which was packaged locally by Melbourne-based Harrop Engineering.

Mr Castles said TRD engineers continually set tougher targets during the development stage.

He said the impressive results were achieved while maintaining Toyota's high levels of quality, durability and reliability (QDR).

"The total engine performance is definitely one of the key positives of the TRD Aurion package," Mr Castles said.

"The TVS unit has performed really well and definitely helped deliver the engine performance we need."

Mr Castles said the manufacturing of supercharger components was simplified as the Eaton-designed unit does not require an intercooler.

Eaton's new design substantially reduces engine noise and - unlike a turbocharger - improves power and torque across the entire rev range.

Mr Castles said the quality of the standard Aurion V6 engine was vital to the success of the TRD Aurion program.

"It was a great benefit to have such a well-designed, sophisticated and well-built engine to work with from the start," he said.

The Perth-based Orbital Engine Company assisted TRD with vital testing and component development.

"Our engine calibration partner Orbital was surprised at how well the components stood up after putting it through some rigorous testing.

"We see the collaboration with key local suppliers as crucial to maintaining the Toyota DNA of QDR," said Mr Castles.

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