The above video by Robert Llewellyn, (two separate links there) is part two of Episode 2 of his Using Less series, which he is producing exclusively on YouTube. Here you can see him driving an electric delivery van in the Brighton to London Eco-Rally, which we posted on earlier. As you can see, he was rightfully very impressed with the vehicle, despite it being a very large, very white van.

The real reason I post this video here is because of his commentary at the end. It called to my mind what ecologists, green activists, and the likes of Thom Yorke (another two links here, first a YouTube vid P.O.I.'s being at 5:00, 6:45 and 9:00, the other a good interview) of Radiohead have been saying - that lethal effects of global warming are not a distant eventuality, but could happen in the next fifty years. So while it's super that there are alternative fuels being pushed around and growing, and car companies are making more efficient cars, other car companies are cropping up with alternative forms of transportation, and even some industries relatively unrelated to energy or transportation are trying to go green, is it too late? How long is the shelf life of the cars rolling off assembly lines and being purchased in dealerships now? And how many antique cars are still on the road? If every car company started selling nothing but alternative fuel vehicles in dealerships tomorrow, would that suddenly stave the melting of the ice caps? And what kind of damage has already been done in pumping so much crude oil from the Earth's crust?


Thanks for the tip, Linton.

[Source: YouTube]

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