Updated information about the XR3 hybrid from Robert Q. Riley

I just happened to be taking a trip to Phoenix this week, so I went ahead and called up Robert Riley, the man behind the XR3 hybrid three-wheeled vehicle and, previously, the Tri Magnum. I was going to head over there and take a look at the progress, but unfortunately, the timing wasn't quite right. The body and the chassis are separated as of the moment, and the drivetrain is apart for refinement.

But, I do have one piece of news to share with our readers. The vehicle will definitely be sold in kit form, along with plans to build one for yourself. There is a good possibility that complete vehicles will be available as well, being that the hard work will have already been done getting the kits ready for sale. Bolting it together after that is the easy part.

I have had a few questions that I'll take a moment to answer here. The car is currently not equipped with air conditioning, although it could be added if the plans for the vehicle were bought and modified slightly. Robert mentioned that there is a possibility that there will be an alternative plan available for version with a lengthened front end which would allow space for the condenser, plumbing and the like. Plans can also be modified to produce a vehicle with no canopy, so if you like the "wind in the hair" feeling and have the climate for that, good for you. Any other questions? Feel free to ask, and check out the official site here.


[Source: Robert Riley]

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