The most common question I've been asked this week is "Who won the Autoblog Relaunch Celebration Sweepstakes featuring the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T?" Whose garage is the Nitro parked in right now? Well, no one's yet.

One thing we've learned is that giving away a $30,000 vehicle is nothing like giving away a $400 iPod. We can't just draw a name from a hat and send the Nitro to the winner's house on a flatbed. As a matter of fact, Autoblog isn't drawing anyone's name. We hired a professional contest/sweepstakes company to handle all the back end stuff for the Sweeps, and they are responsible for the process of randomly picking and verifying the winner.

That process is complex and involves choosing the winners and a number of alternates. The potential winner must be contacted, verified as eligible, and made aware of what's involved in accepting the prize. If that person is eligible and agrees to accept the prize, that's when we'll be able to announce who won. If not, the process starts again with the first alternate drawn and so on. Obviously, this is a process that doesn't happen overnight. We are dying to know who won our Sweeps more than anyone, so we'll be sure to post who the winner is the minute we're told.

Again, thanks to everyone for entering. We've never done this before, but have been told by those helping us who have that it was a wild success.

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