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Top 9 Emergency Service Vehicles from around the world

For would-be criminals, the police supercar is a bit of a paradox. Unless you have some serious get-away hardware, there is no freaking chance that you're going to outrun, say, a Lamborghini Gallardo "fuzz edition." On the Yang side, an officer would have to have some serious fortitude to cut you off or bump or your back end, and it's not likley he or she will haul you off to the slammer in a two-seater.

The folks over at Deputy Dog have compiled a list of their nine favorite emergency service vehicles, and we think they've done a bang up job. The Italians and Germans dominate this list, and with good reason. The two countries stamp some of the hottest metal on the world market, and it only makes sense that their police departments have a shot in hell of catching suspects with like power. One of our favorite models is the Porsche Cayenne ambulance. If you required emergency medical attention, wouldn't you want to get to the hospital as fast as possible. Check out the entire list of top emergency service vehicles by clicking the Read link. Just one question though, why the Top 9 instead of 10?

Thanks for the tip, deputydog!

[Source: deputydog]

Top nine emergency service vehicles
9. Brabus police car
8. Porsche cayenne ambulance
7. Segway i2 police transporter
6. Lamborghini gallardo police car
5. Lotus esprit s4 police car
4. Porsche 911 carrera police car
3. Ferrari 250 gte
2. Lamborghini murcielago lp640 police car
1. Peugeot h2o fire engine (shown above)

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