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Enthusiast website is reporting that, according to its sources, General Motors will give the range-topping G8 GT sedan an MSRP under $35,000. That's pretty much the extent of it. We've got to believe that the sum refers to the G8 GT's starting price, as it's hard to imagine a fully-loaded version of the V8 muscle sedan coming in at or under $35K. We'd be happy to be pleasantly surprised, though. That would also let GM position a possible GXP version in the $40K range if/when it's ultimately released.

UPDATE: We reached out to GM on this. While G8 pricing is not yet finalized, the folks at the Pontiac division told us in no uncertain terms that " the G8 GT starting price will be well under that $35k price point." (Emphasis added.)

So, the question is this:

If the Pontiac G8 GT comes in at or under $35K USD, are you:
In - Who do I make this check out to?
Out - Thanks, but no thanks, Pontiac.

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