Pontiac G8 GT pricing to start "well under" $35K

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Enthusiast website TheGMSource.com is reporting that, according to its sources, General Motors will give the range-topping G8 GT sedan an MSRP under $35,000. That's pretty much the extent of it. We've got to believe that the sum refers to the G8 GT's starting price, as it's hard to imagine a fully-loaded version of the V8 muscle sedan coming in at or under $35K. We'd be happy to be pleasantly surprised, though. That would also let GM position a possible GXP version in the $40K range if/when it's ultimately released.

UPDATE: We reached out to GM on this. While G8 pricing is not yet finalized, the folks at the Pontiac division told us in no uncertain terms that "the G8 GT starting price will be well under that $35k price point." (Emphasis added.)

[Source: TheGMSource.com]

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