Low Taxes for Eco-Car Makers in Thailand

Building a new car, especially one that is advanced and sellable enough to carve its own niche in today's car world is very difficult. However, Thailand could be the place where it's easiest. Certain restrictions apply. See Thailand for details.

Oh, what the hey, I'll just give them to you. To be eligible for the tax incentives, a company must first of all be building vehicles that get better than 56.5 mpg, and produce less than 192 grams of carbon emissions per mile. The company must also invest at least 5 billion baht in the project - if you think that immediately rules you out, you're in luck, because that's only $147 million ... chump change. Said company must also produce at least 100,000 vehicles per year by the fifth year of the start of the project, else the incentives be revoked. If all of these qualifications are met, you're free and clear for up to eight years for sales tax exemption. They just this month lowered their excise tax to 17 percent, which doesn't sound too spectacular, but seems to be enough to kick off the new policy.

Note to Phoenix, Tesla, Palumbo, Loremo and all those others out there trying to make a green car: maybe you should invest in Mavis Beacon to learn a little Thai.

Thanks for the tip, Linton!

[Source: Monsters and Critics]

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