HUMMER-crazy couple to marry in monster SUV-themed wedding

When does loving an automotive brand go too far? A possible answer could be when two people decide to get married and have almost every facet of their memorable day related some how to their favorite brand, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. That's exactly what will happen when diehard Hummer fans Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer tie the knot in an official HUMMER wedding scheduled to take place on the 22nd of this month in Reno.

No minister will be presiding over this wedding. Instead, Team Hummer driver Rod Hall will act as the celebrant with the happy couple reciting vows while standing in the beds of HUMMER trucks. Hall will be wearing his full race-suit and guests will later enjoy a custom 3D-shaped HUMMER wedding cake before the newly married couple hop into their HUMMER H2 to go off-roading in their wedding attire with 100 other Hummer owners.

Residing in Vancouver, Washington, Jefferson and Spencer both own HUMMER vehicles, as do several members of their family, including the maid of honor and mother of the bride. Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? Sigh.

[Source: GM]


One HUMMER Of A Wedding!

Couple to Marry in HUMMER-Themed Wedding "Like Nothing Else" in Reno, Nevada on June 22

Reno, NV - TEAM HUMMER captain Rod Hall will officiate a HUMMER of a wedding June 22 in Reno as couple Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer enjoy a wedding ceremony "like nothing else." The couple will get married while standing in the beds of HUMMER trucks with Hall sporting his racesuit to oversee the "I Do's." The couple will then cut a custom 3-D shaped HUMMER wedding cake, unwrap a HUMMER of a present, and then hop into their H2 to go off-roading in full wedding attire. Their adventure will continue June 23-24 when they join more than 100 HUMMER owners for an off-roading trek that puts vehicles to the maximum use.

The Washington natives who reside in Vancouver, Wash., are huge HUMMER fans, both owning HUMMER vehicles along with several family members, including the maid of honor and mother of the bride. Jefferson and Spencer planned their wedding around the HUMMER owner off-roading event, and chose to use a "HUMMER" theme to infuse "fun" into their big day and celebrate their joint affinity for the vehicles. The couple will actually hold two ceremonies – a small private one June 21, and a fun-filled HUMMER wedding with a close group of friends and family June 22.

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