Environmental Transport Association leads agenda for Green Transport Week

Across the pond, the ETA, established in 1990, is running its fifteenth annual Green Transport Week, June 16-24 (seems like more than a week, doesn't it?). The purpose of GTW is to raise awareness of the impact of transportation on the environment as well as transportation alternatives, "Make people stop and think before they go somewhere," and "Send a message to the government on green transport and environmental issues." The ETA is accomplishing these goals by organizing events that promote these concepts, such as motorbike rides (with free food!), train rides, bicycle rides and public meetings discussing environmental topics.
The ETA was established to take an active approach towards going green in transportation. They call themselves a "climate-neutral" organization because they endeavor in their pursuits to offset the carbon emissions of transportation currently in use. They also produce a car buying guide to help people make whatever necessary car trips they're unable to do in public transportation more green, as well as publish newsletters and organizing other events throughout the year. Visit their website if you want to participate in Green Transport Week, and you live in the U.K.

[Source: ETA via Newspress]

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