Woodward Warm Up: Baby boomers take their classic muscle cruising on Gratiot

Click the photo above to see more than 100 high-resolution muscle car shots

Anybody that has looked at the prices of muscle cars from the '60s and '70s on eBay Motors or at a Barrett-Jackson auction knows that there is an unbelievable amount of coin changing hands these days. The prices of these classics are skyrocketing with Baby Boomers now able to buy back the cars they junked 30 years ago for 100 times the price they paid for one new back then. There were plenty of Challengers, Chargers, Shelby Mustangs, and Corvettes on display at the Gratiot Cruise this year, and some of the metal looks better than it did when it left the factory floor. We were able to snap well over 100 shots of the most beautiful muscle cars on Mother Earth, and they're all available for you in the gallery below. Make sure to point out your favorites in the comments section. Enjoy!

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