The press and consumers alike are already questioning so-called green cars like the pricey hybrids from Lexus as to just how "green" they really are. The same goes for the Prius, as the well-known debate over whether the "well to wheel" environmental cost is not only just not worth it, but worse than even the "anti-green"-est vehicle than them all, the Hummer H2. We're not really collectively buying that particular argument, but it would be a hard sell to convince anybody that the vehicle in the above video is green in any way. Sure, the e-Jet might have started as a plug-in electric GM EV1, but as soon as the jet engine was attached to the rear end, it lost any and all of its eco-conscious credibility, while undoubtedly picking up some other types of street-cred.

[Source: Youtube, thanks for the tip, Joseph]

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