Is it a Nissan? or a Toyota FT-HS mule?

Click the photo for the NAIAS gallery of the Toyota FT-HS

There have now been two sets of spy photos that have turned up showing a development mule wearing a hacked up Nissan 350Z body. At first everyone assumed it was a Nissan vehicle. However, in the background of the most recent batch of spy photos, a mystery car has been identified by our readers as one of the Lexus LF-A prototypes.

Since the photos were taken on public roads, it seems highly improbable that the LF-A would just happen to be in the same location as Nissan's latest mule. Taking a look at the Z mule in profile shows proportions pretty close to the FT-HS concept that turned up at the Detroit Auto Show. So this truncated Z is more likely a test platform for a production version of the FT-HS/Supra/whatever you want to call it that's been cleverly disguised in the clothes of another brand.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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