Former Chrysler design god Tom Gale joins Cerberus advisory team

Looks like Cerberus is getting the Chrysler band back together. Automotive News reports (sub. required) that the latest former Chrysler exec to come back is Tom Gale. You probably remember Gale as the force behind Chrysler's design revival in the 90s. Motor Trend recently called Gale "The man who helped Motown find its Mojo," which is hard to argue with when Gale is credited with bringing to life the Viper, Prowler, PT Cruiser and 300M.

This should be big news for anyone doubting the buyout by Cerberus. Gale is no bean counter brought in to cut the company to the bone. Gale is one of us. He's a car guy and hot rodder who started at Chrysler in 1968 as an engineer then moved into design. This is a very good sign for the new Chrysler and points to the possibility of amazing products in its future.

In fact, in Motor Trend's article (which is definitely worth a read, btw), Gale has a seemingly prescient quote.

"When you get the opportunity to be head of design, you should always try to get your company to the point where you're being proactive and the others have to react to what you're doing. That gets you design leadership. It's not something you can just proclaim; it's something you have to earn."

Welcome back, Tom. We can't wait to see what's up your sleeve.

[Sources: Automotive News, Motor Trend]

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