VIDEO: One less NSX to storm Castle Combe

When we wrote about the NSX-takeover at Castle Combe last month, it seemed that one aspect of the story slipped through the cracks – and the press release that was issued.

On the very first hot lap of JapFest, one of the 43 NSXs that took to the track crashed in a relatively unspectacular display of rotational inertia that's inherent when piloting a midship supercar. According to the video's poster, the driver was behind the wheel of an NA1, and while taking a 90-degree right-hander (probably on cold tires) the driver overcorrected some mild oversteer, and proceeded directly into a wall, subsequently flipping his "everyday supercar."

Thankfully, the other 42 participants concluded their day unscathed. Two videos, one of the crash and another of the NSX being transported on a flatbed, are posted after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Paul.

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