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Renault and Subaru to use lithium batteries by Nissan/NEC joint venture

Nissan and NEC created a join-venture not long ago to produce lithium ion batteries specifically designed for use in hybrid and electric cars.

They have just announced that they're supplying those batteries to Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) and Renault in order to make these batteries competitive for mass production. Renault is Nissan's parent company and Fuji is linked itself to Toyota. Would this mean we will get hybrids from Renault, Nissan and Subaru? Surely yes. The press release also mentions that they are speaking with Ford about a possible deal as well.

There are high hopes on the use of lithium batteries for cars instead of current lead-acid or nickel hydride. Lighter, with higher autonomy and no memory-effect, they are currently powering laptops, cell phones, PDAs and were the choice for the Tesla Roadster.

Other important industrial groups and partnerships are spending a lot of money in lithium batteries, such as Toyota/Matsushita or Mitsubishi/GS Yuasa.

[Source: EDTA]

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