We'd like to direct your attention above the fold (that means the top of the page) where you can now get a good look at what the new Autoblog design is supposed to look like. We haven't seen it ourselves since before the Sweepstakes, and its true awesomeness was somewhat obscured by the promotional banners for the Sweeps. One addition, or rather, omission, that we didn't know was coming is the removal of the Google AdSense ads below our header. We point this out because, honestly, we've never seen our content so far up the page before, and it looks great.

We also wanted to let you know that we've read every suggestion on how to improve the site's design that you all have sent us, and responded to as many as we could. Yes, the drop down categories are No. 1 on our list of things to fix, and we're considering making a click required to drop them down. Turns out that's easier said than done, but we're working on it. We've also improved the comments by numbering them again (a frequently called for addition), though at the same time we made it so that they're truly threaded, which means if you reply to someone's comment, your comment will appear indented directly underneath the one you're replying to. It's much easier to follow a conversation that way.

We are so not done with tweaks, as plans are also in the works to make the galleries more user friendly and require less clicks to navigate. A few more additions are in the pipeline, and we'll bring them to you're attention as they come online. Thanks for reading Autoblog!

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