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Video: 1936 hybrid - the Thorne C-1 milk truck

It's no secret the the Chevy Volt concept wowed visitors to last years' Detroit Auto Show, and with good reason. If the vehicle does indeed go into production as GM is indicating that it will, the vehicle could possibly be the most efficient car sold by a major automaker. We'll just have to wait and see what Toyota and Honda have cooking - rest assured, they're not just sitting around waiting!

Interestingly, though, some of the technology behind the Volt has been around for quite some time; most often, people point to diesel/electric locomotives for proof thereof, but this video shows another example of similar technology: The Thorne C-1 milk delivery truck, which was a hybrid. After a few minutes of history into why milk isn't delivered to your home anymore, the technology behind the vehicle is showcased, and a quick demonstration follows. The difference between this vehicle and the Volt, obviously, is the batteries. Being able to plug the Volt into an outlet and charge the batteries without ever turning on the internal-combustion engine is one of the main selling points behind the Volt concept, with good reason. Still, this vehicle is of great historical significance, I think.

[Source: Hugg, thanks Linton]

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