On the morning commute today I was surprised to spot a new Dodge Nitro with an extra badge under the 4x4 badge labeled CRD. In DaimlerChrysler parlance CRD is common rail diesel. The Nitro is based on the Jeep Liberty which was already previously available with a diesel that sold well beyond Chrysler's expectations when it was introduced a couple of years ago.

Chrysler announced plans last year to sell the Nitro in overseas markets with the VM Motori diesel that was in the Liberty. However, the Nitro on the roads of Michigan right now doesn't have the fender mounted side marker lights that are generally added to Euro market models. So the question is will Dodge bring the Nitro CRD to the US market with the 3.0L V-6 diesel now available in the Grand Cherokee? Or is this just a test model for the Euro market? If anyone in the know wants to share, drop a line in the comments or use the tips link under resources over on the right.

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