BMW is working hard to publicize their new, full-operational Hydrogen 7, and I daresay it's going to work. Instead of marketing the bezeeses out of the car like most automakers, they are strategically placing free specimens of the vehicle in the hands of higher-ups, officials and "opinion makers" of London. The Deputy Mayor and London Hydrogen Partnership Chair Nicky Gavron received hers yesterday.

This is only the first of many Hydrogen 7s being given to business leaders and others so they can evaluate the car and its performance. BMW is showing a lot of faith in their product by such a bold PR move. I think if they had such faith in the product, they should be selling them now, as well. Production, however will take time to pick up, however.

The London Hydrogen Partnership endeavors to make England a hydrogen-based economy because of its obvious benefits to the environment (we know, we know, if they get the problems worked out) and the way it reduced the need for foreign oil. Nicky Gavron, who is chairman of said Partnership, will be using the vehicle whenever possible, and says she is committed to making London one of the world centers for hydrogen, and taking any necessary step to reducing emissions harmful to the environment. She also says, "I am pleased the have this opportunity to try out the BMW Hydrogen 7 car." Yeah, BMW, I'd be pleased too.

[Source: BMW]

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