It seems like motorists in the UK never get a break. Speed cameras on numerous major roads, ridiculously high fuel prices and congestion charges galore are all part and parcel of driving in the UK, so imagine how the Brits would feel if they had to undergo a psychological assessment just to obtain their license.

That could be a very real possibility if a proposal to introduce a psychometric component to the UK driving test, set forward by the government, is passed. The premise is that in order to pass the test, drivers would have to show they have the right attitude behind the wheel by taking a paper and pencil test.

Proponents of the cause say the tests will allow regulators to recognize behaviors that will most likely see a person injure themselves in a crash and identify specific driver coaching that could help modify or correct those attitudes and behaviors. Unfortunately for its creators, it doesn't take a grad with a psychology degree to realize that most people would provide the 'correct' answer rather than the one that best describes their behavior. Then, of course, some people just lie.

We've lost count of how many people we've seen driving that could definitely do with a psych evaluation, but the idea of a blanket test for all new drivers reeks of a government trying to manage risks at the lowest possible cost. If they really cared about safety, they should implement a tougher standard of driving tests for learners and offer refresher courses and mandatory retesting across the board.


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