Last Saturday, the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) was celebrated in many cities around the world. This event was created to promote cycling as a real alternative to cars. As they claim "shifting on a carfree lifestyle is one of the most powerful things a person can do to make a real difference in reducing negative environmental impacts on this planet". And there is no better way to get attention than demonstrating nude. So - solely in the interest of our readers - AutoblogGreen went down to where the riders were gathered in Plaça Universitat, in downtown Barcelona, and took a picture for our readers. The ride finished at Sant Sebastià beach, where there's a nude beach (it's claimed that Barcelona has the only nude urban beaches in the world).

The organizers, who used the internet to gather participants, said that this event had to be like this to raise awareness on how unprotected is the human body against the domination of cars in our cities. They also claim that it shouldn't be considered indecent: car pollution is real indecency.

Nevertheless, promoting the use of cycling is a very good thing and this event is really a festive way to promote it.

[Warning: Read link contains nudity, if there was any doubt]

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